We give you a convenient–to–use Databases Manager, integrated inside our Web Site Control Panel, from where you could generate brand–new MySQL and PgSQL databases directly. In addition, you’re allowed to administer all of their configuration settings through the instant access given to the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software tools.

Clean and Very easy Interface

Deal with all of your databases from within one place

The Databases Manager within our Web Site Control Panel provides an effective nevertheless simple to operate user interface. You can set up a new MySQL or PostgreSQL database simply by typing in a username and password. Furthermore, you can make a backup file or customize the security password of any database with only a mouse click.

From the Databases Manager you’ll get direct access to the administrative area for each of your databases, so you can make hassle–free modifications if you happen to have to.

Hepsia File Manager

Hassle–free Database Backup

Defend your database content with simply a click

In case you have worked with databases, you already know that making a manual database backup just isn’t an elementary task. So as to change this, we have created very simple tool that can back up your entire database with merely a single click of the mouse. The data backup file will be set for you in less than a minute, based on the size of the chosen database.

There aren’t any limitations on the actual number of back–ups you may make for any specific database.

Hepsia File Manager

Support for PgSQL

Guaranteed safety for your personal databases

PgSQL databases are much less popular than the standard MySQL databases. Nevertheless, they represent a favorite option for web developers who seek the maximum safety for their websites and apps. Because of the incredibly user–friendly Databases Manager integrated into the NuvePlex Control Panel, you can control your PostgreSQL databases with just a mouse click.

You’ll find PgSQL databases bundled by default inside of the top Linux cloud packages packages. Assuming that you are using a basic hosting package, you can ask for PgSQL databases to be added to your account as upgrades.

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InnoDB Databases

The fresh face of MySQL

With NuvePlex, you will consistently find the most up–to–date build of MySQL as well as the default MySQL storage engine – InnoDB, mounted.

InnoDB is a lot more dependable than the old storage engine’s edition – MyISAM. It’s ACID–compliant and, best of all – it includes full transaction support. You’ll find, it uses row–level locking, instead of MyISAM’s table–level locking, that seemed to trigger functionality troubles at high usage times.

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Detailed Database Stats

Comprehensive stats for all your databases

We supply you a fairly easy way for you to track the database use for your powerful sites. Through the detailed database stats interface, that’s incorporated into the Web Site Control Panel, you can easily keep an eye on the load generated from your busy websites in real time. The offered info will assist you to evaluate the database load changes by the hour, per day or per month.

You can easily monitor the database load for your sites in the Database Stats portion of the Web Site Control Panel. The table on–screen features the database lookups made in the present month. To have a look at information and facts for a previous month, just click on the back arrows placed at the top.

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